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What is SI?


Some videos of practitioners of Structural Integration (SI) may begin to tell the story of what SI is all about…

…as Thomas Myers’ words ring in my ears, ‘…and whatever you think it is, it is probably greater than that’.


Here is what some great Structural Integration Practitioners had to say about ‘what Structural Integration was all about for them.


What is SI?


Structural Integration was the name of the treatment Ida Rolf founded and taught.


Introduction to Rolfing® by Dr. Ida P. Rolf


Well, it can all get very emotional…you have to change your premise, to come to a different conclusion…


Rolfing® Conclusions and Testimonials


If it is anywhere in the body, it is everywhere in the body. Where you think it is, it probably isn’t…keep looking…change your perspective..


Of Grace and Gravity Preview


SOMA – The right, the left, the core. Logic, creativity and sensations. Precognition, insight and intuition.

 To know, envision and enliven all of our perceptual functions we can increase our ability for complexity without stress.




Put that all in your head and think about it!  

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