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Functional Intagration®️ Feldenkrais Method

Learning to learn. 

Here is the chance to choose, discover, and unwind and truly 'unwrap your presence'. "Change your body about your mind" with the full KMI 12 series. A journey of bodywork and movement integration that moves you through the layers your body, using the Anatomy Trains® concept as our guide and the work of Ida Rolf as developed by Tom Myers. Check out the pages on what to expect and experiencing KMI in the pages above. 

Sessions are normally 90 minutes to allow for the full benefits of the session to unfold. 

KMI sessions can be taken as a one-off treatment. Each session is complete in its self, however, the best results come from completing the whole series with further work as needed.The benefits, lessons, insights and ease come one step at a time. Be on your way to feeling lighter, brighter, better and free.

60-minute or 90-minute session availalbe.

If you feel the stress and strain of life and in need some remedial work to get you out of a rut, or get-rid-of-a-niggle, then this a great option. Bodywork can ease your discomforts and renew your energy to get back out there in better shape than ever. Aches and pains and old injuries are resolved, in time. 

45 or 60 or 90-minute sessions are available 

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