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Welcome to KMI in Perth

Kinesis Myofascial Integration (KMI) is quite a mouth full, and does not exactly slide off the tongue like some cool catchy "give it to me!' tag! Yet, it is pretty fancy stuff, and in a nut is all about moving, looking and feeling better through the direct manipulation of your myofascial matrix. To make the complex a little simpler here are the definitions of the words in KMI.

Kinesis means life or biological movement or motion, especially related to movement caused by a stimulus. Stimulus and response type stuff or in other words 'you moving'.

Myo- meaning muscle and fascia is shorthand for the interconnected web of connective tissue or the extracellular matrix (ECM) i.e. the stuff outside and around all of your bodies cells.* The stuff your cells live in and communicate through.

Integration meaning to unite. Actually it is a little more than that as what does unite mean? Make whole? You are whole. You are already a whole integrated person, so to be more descriptive about integration.

Integration here then means to move and come to know all the differentiated and non-differentiated movement possibilities, all the degrees of freedom available for you to be fully self-expressed and free to choose the most appropriate response to a given situation (stimulus).

Or, searching here for something more tangible, to know, free, and mobilise your joints, muscles and organs and bones, so that they are available and able to move you in the most efficient coordinated and effortless way possible, today. It means you will just find things easier, because they are with everything is going the same way, and in the way you intend.

So to bring it all together KMI could be considered a course to create meaningful movement that is co-ordinated, free from resistance and undue strain or pain. To then integrate, to bring it all together, and yet know all the details. It is all so simply complex and words do little to describe the possible experiential knowing that arrives through engaging in the process of the KMI series.

So in short maybe KMI means to Know Movement Intimately (KMI), through direct contact with your richest sensory organ, the whole of you.

*The extracellular's consistency varies considerably and depends on where it is in your body. Your genetic inheritance and the forces that travel through your body, in the environment, in gravity, through your attitudes, your work, habits and hobbies, continually shape and reshape you, this fabric of our form. This functional shapeshifting fabric creates a feedforward readiness to enact that which you have enacted before with greater efficiency and ease or unfortunately keeps you in the shape of your chair or compensated movement habits that bind your back and legs and lets your belly bulge! So get with the grove and change how you move if you do not feel so in tune.

Fascia or more simply the white, fibrous, slippy, glidy, gristle that connects everything to everything else, while also being the thing that separates everything from everything else. It is the whole interconnected fabric of your body. The stuff under your skin.

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