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Getting to the ground

Sitting is the new smoking! Google it and you can read all about it. Here is a interesting one from the Sydney Morning Herald and another from KQED . So there you go, all the pains and injuries and discomfort, those aching shoulders and back and legs could be due to your sitting. Are these symptoms like the 'sitters cough', clogged up muscles and joints? Maybe not all to blame as the rest of your environment and how you move through the rest of the day is likely to either compound or alleviate your sitting time.

What is need then?

As always, having options and lots of variety with a cheeky little smile and a serious attitude to moving well, while not suffering in your own self-misery for to long :) I speak for myself here, yet I have an inkling that a lot of us are sailing down the same river.

To follow on then from my post on Philip Beaches book with his ending chapters on the ‘postures of repose’ and the ‘erectorcise's’, here is a study on your ‘ability to sit and rise from the floor as a predictor of all-cause mortality . You can get the lowdown on youtube with a guide to scoring the sit-rise test for yourself (best viewed with the sound off!).

Better still and a lot more entertaining and quick to watch here is Angel Rippen in the BBC’s show How To Stay Young - Can you stand your age?

This is a treat of show if you get time to watch it…on the floor? :)

You can book a session with me if you live in Perth to go through the sit and rise test and all of the postures of repose to see where you stand…or sit...and move! In this session each posture and your ability to transition is given a score out of 5. This will give you a bench-mark of your 'biological tune'. A session to release or start the KMI series with movement ideas to support are given. Mention this blog and 20% off is yours for this session :)

Are you in tune?

Beach tells us that being in tune is one of the single best indicators of your longevity and health, and the sit and rise to from the floor research seems to back this up.

In any case being able to get-up and down and move freely in your body just makes you feel so much better. Being in tune with your body allows you to improve your flexibility, tone and strength while you rest and repose in comfort.

Getting to the floor and using these positions of rest will take time to adjust to. Practice for at least 18 -24 months to see the lasting changes. If any of these positions of rest are not comfortable for you it means there is work to be done. As a prerequisite and by the names definition if the posture is not comfortable then the positions need to be fully supported, so that gravity can do the work as you rest for a moment in a given seated floor position. No posture or position or action is good to do for to long. Having a variety of options and being comfortable in your body and you rest and act in the world is the way as I am learning to discover.

I invite you in for a session to find your bones, your bodies supporting myofascial tracks, your 'tensegrity' (tension-integrity) and your anti-gravity response. Towards easing your pains and movement made easy.

Well I am off to build myself a rock garden. G’s I have wanted one of these for about 9 years! Lets see how I go!

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